Persian history

در باره تاریخ ایرانی می توانیم گویم زیرا اهنگمان در کار با تاریخ است. اکنون می دانیم که وقتی در باستان شروع می کنیم. تاریخ ایرانی مهم است و امر ها در کشور بودند. یک چیز اکنون اینجا می توانیم نشان دهیم. تاریخ ایرانی مهمی است زیرا ان تاریخ اسیا است و اسیا مهمی در زمین است. شاید داریم اکنون می گویم که در باره هر جا از ان نخواهیم گفت. هم جا در اسیا با تاریخش است.

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Persian language and its followers

According to the recent investigations, languages from wide spread Persian group have more than ten languages. It means that Persian isn’t a Farsi, at all. But also, there are Tajik, Dari and other languages. They are close to Farsi but have their own elements, as writing traits and grammar and phonological too. They are looked as self-sufficient but there a nature and common beginning from ancient language of Iran.

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Persian pronunciation

There is a question before start of work with Farsi, can you write on Perso-Arabic script? This question is very sufficient and important because that writing requires learning and it can’t appear without any work. That writing is based on the Arabic script and it is necessary to know how to use it. Letters from ا to یwon’t be described here and it is a task of non-grammatical series of works like this.

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