Plants and people on Arabic.

نباتات وناس

کلامنا مهم لکم عن نباتات، بسبب کتبنا عن النباتات، مثلها سکان في العالم لنفسها. راینا علی النباتات، وها مهمة لهذا الکلام، بسبب تمنح النباتات الهواء هنا، وتستمد جوهر من الارض لها.

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Animals in countryside on English

Animals of countryside are start for very important theme for work with it. Why are the animals there? Also, what are they? These questions are sufficient and they require fluent and careful work. Every animal can be famous in the countryside but are they necessary there? This question can give an answer, the animals aren’t sufficient in the countryside! But if we suggest that it is so, no one shop won’t offer any milk or meat product.

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