Ancient Europe on English

Ancient Europe is a wide theme and it touches a lot of countries because they can be described as parts of the history for locations. As it is known, the locations don’t describe periods of time but subsequent location has its own part of the history.

According to previous defined postulates, the history consists from parts for every concrete location. For example, German as a country consists from Berlin and other locations, they carry concrete part of the German’s history. Every part was a definition for a location and united country’s history is a result of connections between parts.

Nothing is more important than beginnings parts of the History because they define subsequent parts of the history.

The beginning of the History wan’ts occurred  in a region but was a result of connections between them.

No one region can be extolled as a start point and obvious conclusion is that merit in process of works lays in full-sized definition for defined place and location.

According to explained conclusions, it is sufficient to look on very periods of time. Those epoch was in prehistoric Europe and carried its trait to the present day.

Prehistory in Europe is a sufficient period that lasted from 4500 BC to 2500 BC. It forms line of discussions from role in society to war-like manners there. Prehistory is an important part of tHistory everywhere. So some elements and traits will be brought out farther and they will form unpredictable results in the work here. Cultures were formed by events and vise versa. Reticence is unusal thing because the work is directed on explanation of the past. At first, it is sufficient to define work’s sources.

We will use modern books and theories, as Marja Gimbutas’es and other scientists which specialize on the prehistoric age.

At the second moment, we will give descriptions of saved old traditions because they show ancient culture.

Also, you can see several videos on our channel YouTube.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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