History of Scandinavia on English

Theme of Scandinavia is sufficient to us because it is a part of Europe. Closeness to it permits form several theories about cultural influences from side of Europe. Probable way of Scandinavia’s colonization was given much more early. The way of the theme touches different way of approaching European cultures into Scandinavia. Several ways for it will be defined in this series of articles. They will form correctly and ptobable way for appearing culture in Scandinavia.

No one conclusion can be made without base. The base will lay in myths because they will give ground for our farther conclusions and decisions. The Scandinavian myths are described in “Edda” as an example of admired myth.

Some ad about “Edda” can’t be a brake because it doesn’t require very sufficient abilities for probable reader. Also, ancient “Edda” permits knowledge about that ancient period of time. The wat of cuktural influences will be shown as from the side of Scandinavia as Germany and other European countries.

Main theme of “History of Scandinavia” will show as full-sized as possible. According to describing of the target, it will be possible to describe many moments f “Edda”. They will be linked with Scandinavian history and permit concrete talk about the writing.

Several questions must be answered before work with “Edda”. The first of them is “When and where Edda was made?”This very interesting question permits to form additional questions. “Where was  a birthland of Edda?” “Why was Edda was mad?” “What events was influenced on Wdda?” and so on.

As we see, the questions are sufficient and require  fluent farther work. At first, “Wht Edda was written?” Several answers can be formed and that first question must find its answer. So our primary target is to work with “Edda”’s history.

Also, you can see several videos on our channel YouTube.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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