Avestan writing system on English

No one of existed languages has its own history without start. Avestan language isn’t an exertion and it has its start point. But as European languages and Arabic, Avestan has its special purpose. The purpose can’t be guessed at this stage. It will be defines farther.

As it is noticed, every language can carry some special purpose. Examples are Bible in Latin and Quran in Arabic. It is depicted that the languages carry some specific target in them. Those targets are delivering some sacred knowledge to the people. Quran on Arabic is a good example and it is high level of knowledge of understanding the sacred verses.

According to this analogy, every religious has its base. It means that everyone from religious has its own history without influences on it.

It is well known that Islam wasn’t a base religious of Iran and surrounded countries. What can be said about original religion of Iran and surrounded countries?

Zoroastrian was an original religious in Iran and the other Asian countries. According to our target, we won’t look on the religion but look on specific language, Avestan. Modern scientists discover that native religion and its language. So our target is to follow them and observe Avestan language as it was so.

Preferable way is to discover observations of the scientists. According to this target, farther our work will be with scientist’s’ theories in direction of Avestan language.

This target carries historical and language’s observation. Also, no one theory can be without improvements and it is a cause of carrying our semi-scientific point of view.

Our semi-scientific way will permit to make farther work without approving sometimes if it will be necessary to us. The Avestan language will be our theme in the farther works and will approve its value there.

Also, you can see several videos on our channel YouTube.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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