Arabic history on English

The Arabic history is as important as European because it brings Arabic proses and poetry in itself. No one trait of stable nations in Arabic countries can be suggested as a primary trait. Wandering style of life is probably a trait of Arabs. It is a very important suggestion but it makes probably much more suggestions than the stable settled way of Europeans.

On this stage, we suggest wandered style of life of Arabs. As we notice, the Europeans were settled. Is it true and is way of Arabic life is wandering? These two questions are important and require additional work. Also, can style of life be predicted on the base of the literacy and poetry?

As we can see, our primary task is to find answewrs for the two questions, “Are Arabs wanders?” and “Can Arabic literacy and poetry be suggested?”

So we won’t be familiar with appropriated Arabic texts without any work with Arabic history because it will show answer on the question about wandered Arabs.

We see that the two aspects of Arabic life find connected way of investigations. So, the first direction of this series of works brings answer on the first question, “Are Arabs wanders?” We see that the answer for this question will bring full-sized observation the past of Arabs. If Arabs were wanders, we will find very sufficient moment because their proze and poetry will bring wandered traits as they are of wandered nation.

Subsequent conclusion that will be found there is pronanle lacking and little amount of the proze and poetry in the Arabic part of the world. Otherwise, the literacy and the poetry don’t carry the wandered style of life!

We formulate the two good questions and they will give concrete answers here. Of course, it will be so if themes of the history will be shown here. Also, those answers will permit farther talk about Arabs as they are and were.

Also, you can see several videos on our channel YouTube.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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