Plants’ status in Nature on English

Plants are sufficient in Nature and nobody can argue with this statement. As we know, the plants formed their own kingdom, as it was named by scirntists. Their biological kingdom and the special status, are signs of importance. Why is the status so?

Cause is simple. Every plant gives the oxygen as a result of lifetime. Also, is that lifetime long? Yes, it is and every plant can live as long as it is permitted for its needs. So in many cases duration can be unlimited for the plants which haven’t any duration of its life.

Of course, the talk before can be argued by somebody because there are many plants those live a year or two. But as many as grasses, there are many varieties of trees. They can live as long as the environment is permanent and no one of those trees can die without any cause. The trees have eternal duration of life if it isn’t touched by some dangers.

We can see that some plants are eternal and some have limited duration of life.

All plants and the trees make the oxygen for themselves. This trait is sufficient and it can’t be an object for argue. The oxygen is a result of life every plant, as little, as big. Amount of produced oxygen is ranged from a little to very sufficient amount because  it is a part of plants’ life. The plants are consumers of different amount of the oxygen during periods without light.

Every plant produces the  oxygen accompanied nutrients and sun’s light and consumes that oxygen along with the nutrients in darkness. This unusual ability of the plants approves the fact that amount of the oxygen was changed during the history of Earth. It shows that the plants can be as allies as enemies for every breathed being on Earth. Also, it confirmes the fact of independent plants’ life on Earth.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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