Plants from hot areas on English

There are many types of plants in the world. They give profits to us in the area of food and air and green colored nice places. No one of those plants can be without its area for traditional existing. Example of it is a bananas tree. It grows primary in hot southern climate that gives growth to the plant. There are many examples from that climatic zone as bananas, dates and other fruits. All of those fruit trees are specified by hot climate.

Places can be divided on several groups, plants for cold temperature, for moderate and for hot climatic zones. It is sufficient trait for the plants to adapt for defined places but it isn’t meaned that plants from the the hot climate can grow in area with ice and cold weathe and vise versa.

So adaptation  is an ability of the plants.Can this ability be estimated by any method? The  adaptation requires not only changing style of life but internal processes too.

The line “style of life” is written in the previous  passage and it is moment that is equal to “adaptatiob to external conditions”. Those can be hard and soft and require necessary changings. The conditions require fast and slow adaptation but “fast and slow” mean that required speed of adaption is formed by different factors.

Every plant requires air with CO2 and water and light and nutrients. We will talk about them farther. But present theme is “plants of hot areas”. So according to this theme, necessity of defining for this area on Earth and it will be given farther because main idea is defining places and climatic varieties for farther work with them. The climatic zones are sufficient on Earth and they perform an idea about self-sufficient world without any additional elements. The climate and plants from the hot climate is sufficient for observing farther because it is important for our planet.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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