Plants in the world on English. The part II.

Every plant is sufficient in the world and no one of them is useless. The plants were come from the ancient time and received their places here. Of course, no one plant was found its place without changings and development. It is a cause to work with those changings and modifyings. This cause is sufficient but there is a necessity to look on plants’ changings after observation of the plants.

Five kingdoms are in the world of Nature. They are Plants, Animals, Mushrooms, Microorgamisms and Archeo-beings. The Plants are very sufficient in our world and appeared much more than a billion years ago.

Plants’ position is modified by evolution and the plants are modificated varieties of ancient varieties. The plants are very famous for every living being because their traits include full process of changing during the time.

Many varieties of the plants are here. Links between generations form modifying in existed varieties and they permit scientific works today. The links are sufficient but they can’t be without any changing. It is important because all plants are connected in the world. Their connections formed many sciences like the botany and the biology. The connections are sufficient and they give biological traits of the plants. The connections form important ;inks those will be shown here. Those links produce development of the Nature and it will be permormd here. This theme is important because the plants are a part of the Nature.

No one plant permits independent point of view that is ordinary for the classical biology as a science. There won’t be any typology in the biology but it is acceptable only for a science about the plants. Our point of view is required looking on the biolology as a sciemce about connections between the plants. They will be shown as systematic links in a system of the biology.

You can listen about this theme on YouTube.

This article was written and the video was sounded by Duchanin Ilya.

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