Plants in the world on English. The part I.

Many varieties of plants are in this world. They can be as low as high and they permitted divisions on groups. The plants consum necessary elements those will be given farther. It is normal that the plants establish themselves as primary sources of oxygen and were helpful to us as producers of the oxygen.

There is a question, “can we live without the plants?” Answer is very simple, “no!” Cause of it is lighted in farther articles.

The same answer is sufficient for other beings those were consumers of the air. It has aour primary ability. This quality is named “breathing” by scientists. They explored this ability and found that main part of beings have to breath with the air.

The ability of breath is a primary trait for the main part of the beings on Earth. But this primary trait requires careful view.

This theme will be shown farthwe and now, theme for our observation is “do plants give as many advantages as they are been shown?” This question is sufficient and we will make farther work with them.

Answer of this question is very simple and you can notice it dueing breath because the plants produce air (oxygen) for everybody who desire breath. This trait is natural and it doesn’t require very careful work. Also, the plants formed planet’s atmosphere during billions of years. We won’t talk about duration of airless world. Cause of it is in work with ecology on the Earth.

Causes of forming for the atmosphere are sufficient but it is other work and they won’t be shown here.  We will work with traditional ecology and will find differences between different places in area of observations and works with them.

As a result for this beginning of work with ecology, the plants are living objects which produce the air (oxygen) for us and themselves. We will work with ecology as a part of biological development.

This article was written and all audio was sounded by Duchanin Ilya.

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