Qadan culture

Qadan culture is a culture of Metholithic people from Egypt. This existed during the period from 13.000 BC to 9.000 BC. The culture was the first in Egypt and it placed on Upper Egypt.

Qaan pelewre hunte and gatherer.These actions were preferable in that period. Also, they practised using of wild cereals as grain. Qadan people didn’t know about structural agriculture; their work with grain could be a little, probably. It is well known that hunting can give necessary anount of meat. Hunts were practiced by ancient Qadan people and it was according to the age, respectively.

The Qadan people didn’t plant grains in order and straight lines but they used harvest those grains because they were additional part to hunts’s rations. It is shown clearly that  Qadan culture is the Mesolithic culture in Nubia in Upper Egypt.  Nubia is the place where was preferable climate in that period.  That climate was characterised by high water level in Nile. It formed probably migrations of animals and permitted to practice hunt there.

Regardless of the high water level, Qadan people practiced hunt as a primary way in finding food. No one river else but Nile remained the place of as hunts as agricultural practices.

No one tradition and sacred doings is shown here because it is remained unknown for us.  Diverse stone tools characterized age with the high water level in Nile. Tools with grinding stoned and blades were founded there.

But also, some conflicts between grops of people suggested to be found there. Probably, close groups had them. Their causes are remained unkown to us. Those wars were internal and had local character, probably.

Around 45% of dead men were buried around Sudan border. It is shown that there was a tradition of burying and also, it shows high level of knowledges of the Qadan people..

Those burial places shows men which were injured by spears, darts and arrows. It shows clearly that Qadan level of weapons was close to other weapons from other tribes around the world at that period.

Qadan economy was primitive, according to the Mesolithic Age. It was based on fishing and hunting. Also, there were suggestions about using wild grains as economic moments.

It is shown clearly that the Qadan culture was a society with primitive needs and traditions.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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