Biology science of the life on English

Biology is the science that structures our ordinary part of life. It means that it can help with works with living structures. Those structures are living beings and they have many varieties but biology structureses them. No one can suggest anything without theories. They are sufficient for understandind life’s processes.

The processes internal living beings are parts of enternal changings in those beings. The processes will be defined in a series of explanations and will have full depictions here.

Sciences about Nature have limitless number and it doesn’t permit to study them here but they are from microbiology to botanic and from microorganisms to animals. Biology is very wide-spreaded science and there is no one matter to study area alone on this stage.

So we will talk about this science for forming point of view in the beginning. Biology is a science of living subjects those can be as animals as plants. The last are plants and they can’t move very fast as the first beings. The animals can move fast and it is first their difference from the plants.

We will start our observation from the plants because they have simplier organization than the animals. We won’t divide the plants, according to their internal types if it won’t be necessary for us. Subdivision is necessary for work with sub-types and subsequent division on different varieties.

It is necessary to understand that the plants and the animals have different types for internal organizations as it is written before. Also, this simple cause requires different types of works’ principles. We won’t practice some of the principles after this because They can practice different ways of observation for different beings as the plants as animals. But we will practice careful depictions along with photos and video, probably.

We will start from the plants farther.

This article was written and all audio was sounded by Duchanin Ilya.

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