Dari language. The Introduction

What can we say about Dari? At first, it is  a Persian language. At second, it is a language of Afghanistan. At third, it is close to Farsi as a main language. But what can say else? Maybe, nothing. But what is followed from your conclusions? We give an introduction to Dari… Well, our object is Dari as a language that is exists mainly in Afghanistan.

The history of Iran talks about conquests of Persian Empire in ancient period of time. Can we confirm them by our own abilities? Tes, we can! No one of ancient Persian emperors can help to us now. Primary, the Persian conquest can be approved by wide-spreadimg of Farsi. Farsi’s element can be found in several languages. We will help you by work with Dari language.

As you can traced above, Dari is a Perian language of Afghanistan but where it is spreaded? It is wide-spreaded in western Afghanistan! It is nice to us that this dialect of Farsi is close to Farsi, at all.  But it is nice if you know it. Dari is a spoken variety of Farsi that is spreaded in its land. Can this spreading hels to us in our work? Yes, but remember that Farsi is a language of Iran and more than several thousand miles are laid between Afghanistan and Iran.

People aren’t birds and can’t deliver their primary language in a moment. So Sari is close to Farsi but not more than close. Territory of ancient Iranian conquests permit to say that every spreaded dialect of Farsi is a separated language. So if we suggest that Dari is a separated language, we will find that it has its own history and grammar rules.

What of works with Dari will be helpful to us? Of course, books those consist grammar and other interesting moments. Also, they are dictionaries and other literature. It means that we will give words as from the dictionaries as from other special sources. Of course, we will practice both of written and spoken varieties. It permits to work with Dari as a separated language and don’t make make connections between Dari, Tajik and Farsi, at all.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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