British history. Prehistory

The Biritish history was sterted in prehistorical time. Bo obe knows that concrete date but modern scientists concluded that the history of Britain started in some prehistorical period of time and it was many thousands years ago.

Some concrete moment can’t be defined and it was defined as 800.000 years ago by the scientists.

People were gather-hunters and it was linked with low water level and Britain wasn’t an island but a part of dry land on the materic Eurasia. That extreme low water level was a sign of that era too.

If we look close on that date (800.000 years before), we find that the first inhabitants of Britain can’t be modern people but ancient haumans of that age. We can’t suggest their traditions and anything else. But also, it is well-knownthat they were hunter-gathers and this shows that they were proplr which were closer to orangutans and Paleolithic people than to modern. The history at that days marked those pre-people as first wanders on the territory of England.

The next important period was around end of the last Ice Age. It was 9.000 years before and it is named Middle Stone Age. Also, that age was baned Mosolithic Age and it was a period of settling people in Britain.

We see that maore than a half of billion years were divided those two famous periods.

After that, Britain became a se[arated island around 6.500 BC. It gave new way of separated life for the inhabitants of Britain.They lost connection with the materic and started their own way of life after 6.500 BC.

Those people were like modern humans and after separating, they began to form new society and developed different ares of modern life. We can see that the fact of separating Britain permitted to recognize their own wat.

We will work with farther history of Britain and will define that way of separated life.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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