Persian language and its followers

According to the recent investigations, languages from wide spread Persian group have more than ten languages. It means that Persian isn’t a Farsi, at all. But also, there are Tajik, Dari and other languages. They are close to Farsi but have their own elements, as writing traits and grammar and phonological too. They are looked as self-sufficient but there a nature and common beginning from ancient language of Iran.

No one of those language is independent as Chinese and English. Those connected natures and origins mean that every language from Iranian group has its own way of aooearing. Those ways confirm directly an idea about spread of the Iranian languages from modern Iran to western part of China. That scale formed Asian languages in the past.

Big scale of wide spreading gives farther conclusion, every Iranian language has its own nature. We will start from the beginning and it is the next three languages, Farsi, Tajik and Dari because they are start points for our observation. We won’t start from Farsi and Dari because we will give common traits and other close relations between the languages.

We won’t start from a language, at all but will try to form our own point of view on those.

Before start of observation, we will talk about history of the languages because we have to confirm the idea of connections between those three Iranian languages. That confirmation will permit farther work with the languages. If you know a language from the Iranian group, it will give understanding other Iranians but why is it so? We will find answer farther and discuss conclusions.

No one language can have separate way of changing and it is clearly on example of Iranian languages. No one separate language can be existed in the present age of information and connections. It means that the languages are changed at the present day but we can’t estimate scale of changings now. So the next observation will give common and close moments between Farsi, Dari and Tajik in their history.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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