Moroccan Arabic. Introduction

Morrocan Arabic can be interesting for everyone if he or she wanrs to travel yjere. The second group of interested people is people which like to work with Arabic, at all. So we give Morrocan Arabic (Darja) with both of these points of view. We’ll give phrases for tourists and grammar information for interested men. Darja is a name of Moroccan Arabic that is used along with traditional “Morrocan Arabic. It focuses us on two directions of observation.

We will give Moroccan Arabic as a language for communication as a language that was formed by Classical Arabic. Darja has its own traditions as in using as in grammar moments. Traditions will be given for learned tourists and grammar moments and differences with MSA will be given for interested people.

Darja can be suggested as a language of language from Saudian Emirates. The last is a native land of Classical Arabic. Darja and MSA have their own traditions of using and no one can guess linked traditions in Morocco, as it follows farther.

So our themes are traditions of using Darja and also, grammatical moments. Both of these themes are linked and we will give traditions of using as grammar moments, sometimes. No one can guess those traditions and grammar if he won’t know language as it is.

Traditional phrases can be used in connections with native speakers and grammar can be used for correct writing and connections too. These two moments form perspective using of Moroccan Arabic in farther using. No one can guess ares of using as it is boticed before and it means that there is necessity of studying Darja with the two aspects.

So we can see that farther work will be interesting and sufficient for everyone who want to know more about Morocco as country with its language. It can be necessary to divide theme onto two prts for farther articles but we will find it after beginning work with Moroccan Arabic!

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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