Morocco and its language

Can we say that that country possesses its own language?

That country has its traditions and order of life, hasn’t it? These important questions will give face of Morocco because the country can be with independent way for us. We will look on different areas of the country as it was made with Sudan early. We will give full sized internal view on Morocco and it can touch cultural area too.

We will look onto Moroccan language and will form answer on our question at the end of the work. We won’t look carefully on Moroccan history but will touch it farther because it will be a theme for works farther. At this moment, we look on present syayus of Morocco because no one language can be without its land and also, no one country can be without its history too.

Morocco is a country in the western part of Northen Africa and it has sandy land without any jungles. It can give an idea to us that it is a desert. Is it true? Answer for this question is that Morocco is a combined country and its territory contains as part of Western Sahara as low lands. This fact shows that Morocco has as arid and desert land as preferably land with hot climate of Mediterranian. What can give this combination? We will look on it farther and will make decision about the land. No one can guess results of this combination and exact question can be asked as, “Is Marocco hot place or a place with water that flows there as rivers? No one can guess results of our observation and says that it is a land of sand and nothing can be there else.

Some important question ia about mountains. Is any mountain there in Marocco? We will find answer farther. Moutains give some limit  line for clouds and can help to make places’ independt climate. As mountain as rivers are very sufficient too. Every river brig its water from a place to other’We will look on these questions and will find answers to them. These questions give back ground for farther questions and searching answers for them. Both of the questions and answers will be given farther.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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