Book of the Dead. Introduction

Why did Egyptians believed in life after death for thir rulers? They knew that life would be finished, wouldn’t it? Or Egyptians desired to live eternal, wasn’t it? What did they do for that? We don’t know exact answers but can perform their wishes on the base of their belief in eternal life for those who was preferable to the heavens.

Egyptian nature was made not by the heaves but according to other processes and we will look onto believes of people in eternal life for their rulers. Large funerary industry was developed to supply those divine persons with necessary things. All of them were for a target of resurrection after their deaths. The sacked actions gave a way to ummortal live after death and they served to Egyptian upper class as pharaoh and his high servants.  All those things permitted to receive immortal live on the sky. Special magical spells were for that and they were gathered together Thise spells were inscribed together on long pieces of papyrus and became assemblage and “Bookof the Dead”. This book delivered right laws of libe and dead of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

That sacked “Bool of the Dead” became soil for argues in the present day. We give a point of view on the base of modern translation but it permitted to make our own point of view too. We will work with “a spell for becoming god” because it is a base for our farther work. That spell permits to make point of view onto “Book…”. We will work not only with that spell bul also, with other papyruses of ancient Egyptians.Also, we will talk about anxieties and wishings of the pharaof because they will be opened to us.

Maybe, original text will be shown too but it will require our own translation too. But at first, works with traditional translation will be shown here.

This note was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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