Sumerian civilization. Beginning of settled life.

Sumerian people were newcomers and their traditions were ranged from local inhabitants. It was shown before but did Sumerian language became native for others? Of course, no. It was used by priests, administration and respectable men.  At least, it was a language of upper class there and it made differences between that class and other people. That difference played its role farther, when Sumers would be coquested by king from Akkad.

On the early stage of Sumerians, power  belonged to the priests which knew Sumerian language and traditions. They lived and worked in their temples those were centrals of architecture’s development and special education. Those centers controlled lives and collected taxes from all lands around them. That power gave leadership for the priests abd their their power was approved by theit own leaders-governors. We see that power priority was formed with governors which were selected by the elders. It was before around 3.000 BC, when Semitic rulers seized the power.

Independent cities had no one need in possessing of professional warriors those could form armies for the cities. As it is shown farther, no needs is equal of peaceful life. On the base of those factors, we say that those independent cities were self-sufficient and it was an order for peace there.Their kings arrived from the sky and ruled the country for thousand years but it was legendary point of view. This point of view hasn’t any confirmation in history and the kings attached surrounded lands to the country.

Sumerians could defeat any tribe by power and the attached tribes were Semitic and it couldn’t be peaceful group of people.  But connections between Sumerians and Semitic tribes were peaceful and firm in the beginnings. It is shown that Sumerians were closer to peace than to war against mative tribes and it shows their calm intentions in the beginning.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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