Sumer land

We already know that tribal Sumers became residents of wastelands beside to inhabitanted there tribes. We can read that process of settling was peaceful because of Sumer superiority in agriculture and irrigation. So Sumer possessed around 30.000 square kilometrs of land on the delta of Tigris and Evfrat and it was 3.500 years BC. We work with Sumerian history farther.

After settling, those land were covered with marshes and bog. The people made their food by fishing, animal breeding and hunting. We see that they used to practice wide spreaded techniques in that time  In spite of hard conditions, the Sumer people developed and practiced trade, farming and crafts. It was confirmation of their probably true way of life and that will be approved after that.

Sumers practiced primary religion and architecture on beginning of their appearing there, between the two rivers.

Concrete number of newcomers is unknown to us but those people established 12 independent towns. We already know names of those which were mostly sufficient and we repeat them once more. The cities were Eridu, Ur, Akshak, Adab, Larsa, Umma, Erech, Sippar, Lagash, Nippur, Shuruppak and Kish. We already tried to estimate square proportions in Eridu but it was crashed and only necessity to work with towns’ history without estimation is shown here. Maybe, they were established by different groups of people which formed clans. At least, that theory can’t be approved because we know only that those groups had close or equal ethnic line.  It is clear that local popylation had other style of life and language, probably. It is a cause of lacking for assimilation. Those probably differences were a cause of differences between the two societies, newcomer’s and local.Those differences brought other way of life for Sumer society. They touched all areas of life in that past age.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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