Persian pronunciation

There is a question before start of work with Farsi, can you write on Perso-Arabic script? This question is very sufficient and important because that writing requires learning and it can’t appear without any work. That writing is based on the Arabic script and it is necessary to know how to use it. Letters from ا to یwon’t be described here and it is a task of non-grammatical series of works like this.

We start here with description of pronunciation in Farsi and it is helpful, regardless of targets in learning. So Farsi has long and short vowels. They fprm manner of speaking for everybody.

Short vowels are, a  َ , o/u ُ and e ِ . We see that those short vowels are necessary for knowing but they won’t be used farther because words are written without short vowels.

It is important to write about the long vowels those are pronounced with the same manner as short but have longness and always are written.

ا، و، ی are the vowels a, o/u, e. These sounds are close to traditional English words and pronunciations are shown ferther.

A as in “sugar”.

E as in “bed”.

O/u as in “orange”

The same is regarded to the long vowels with long ”I” sound.

So long a is pronounced as “dark” and “talk” and it is a middle between them.

I exists in “machine”.

U appears in “rule”.

We can see that some closeness between the short and long sounds appears in Farsi (Persian). We won’t work with pronunciation farther but remain it for your own practice. Grammar will be given with transcriptions if they will be necessary and they will solve question about pronunciation of concrete words.

The grammar of Farsi (Persian) will be given farther because this area is very sufficient for knowing Farsi as it is. We won’t work with other Farsi varieties but only with traditional Farsi as a language of Persian ones.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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