Sumer civilization – Start of history

This article shows beginning of history of Sumer and it is important because data from that age has ways of appearance now. It means that some ancient traits exist in the present day and they aren’t only stones and archeological excavations but also, traditions and other ancient moments but we start from Sumer history and work with it.

History of Sumers was started in Mesopotamia on the territory of modern Iraq in 3.500 years ago and it was a period of forming deserts and wastelands because there were sufficient changings in the climate. Sumer’s people formed many novice ideas, like writing and ruling of the country. Sumer writings were cuneiform and it was very for the world in that day. Scientists found that cuneiform tables were connected with 3.000 BC. Scientists found that Sumer cuneiform language was closer to languages of Finno-Atlantic family than to local Semitic ones.

We don’t know about origin of Sumers but it is understandable that that closeness gives base for talking about that.

Sumers settled on that sandy and waste lands because they didn’t desire to conquer some fertile land that was on the north to Mesopotamia and left that land out and also, didn’t want to be secondary nation after neighbors. And iy approves yjay Sumen civilization settled onto territories that were not possessed to anybody. It was really peaceful method of serttling there.It could mean that little groups of strangers desired to find their own homeland ar that time. Ancient groups of tribes couldn’t make war against inhabitants of some fertile places and preferred to reach places where they could be as real owners and those places were with weak and peaceful inhabitants. That land gave the good case to show strangers’ superiority without any fight.The wanderers found place where became primary power. Also, the new inhabitants gave new effective techniques of cultication of the wastelands there. Also, it is known now that those new inhabitants used cultivation of soil along with its irrigation and it was a sign of their superiority too.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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