Sumer civilization

We can see some territory on the map above and it is a zone of location for Sumer’s civilization. We already talked about the historical period between Chalcolithic and early Bronze Ages in the previous article. This period was from 4.500 to 1.900 BCE and it was an age of Sumer civilization.

We say that there were number of towns of Sumer towns and that number wasn’t more than ten. The towns were Eridu, Uruk, Ur, Larsa, Isin, Adab, Kullah, Lagash, Nippur, and Kish. As we see, there were the ten main town and the farther list gives their characteristics.

  • Eridu was a town with not less than 4.000 inhabitants and the town used 33 ha as a territory. It means that 0.00825 ha per man (8.25 square meters per person).. That square was sufficient to men there but also, there are cattle animals in the town.
  • Uruk was a town with 6 square kilometers of territory abd we can suggest that there were around 730-750 inhabitants because the number of Erisu (8.25 square meters per person) is used here.
  • Lagash was a city with 400-600 ha of territory and at least 470.00 inhabitants. We see that this number is incorrect but it was made, according to the number of Eridu.

We don’t know anything about the next two ancient towns, so we offer not to conclude as objects for working.

  • Nippur
  • Kish

We see that there is a number that has to be familiar for us and it is number of Eridu (8.28 square meters of town’s square per person). This square seems to be truly because it can be approved by farther calculations. It is sufficient concrete number and it will be used in farther work with theoretical ancient town of Ancient Sumer country. Target of this series of works is forming a model, according to Sumer style of life because Sumers stop to be wanders and primive tribes those could settle everywhere, according to their traditions and way of life. So our farther target is to form theoretical model of Sumer town on the base of existed towns.

Resources, Wikipedia.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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