Ancient Sumer Empire. Part 1.

We know that every ancient empire had its own territory and government but number of those empires wasn’t so big. We can divide ancient empires onto big and small, wide spreaded and not and so on.

Variants can be many and every variant can touch an ancient empire. It can be well but any division wasn’t sufficient for concrete selected range. If we will talk about empires from Middle East, we will find that we can talk about Sumerian, Akkadian and other empires. There were several large empires and it is looked better than work with all empires in History. But those several empires can be concreted much more. History of that land was started by Sumeres those decided to make their own empire. So we will talk about Sumerian’s territory and their country and their empire too.

Sumeric period was from 4.500 to 1.900 BCE and means that that civilization was the earliest in the region of Mesopotamia. It was existed along with Egyptian and Hindus civilizations and it permits to say that Sumeric way of life was the first there. It is also known that Sumeric had at least wide spreaded civilization along with several cities those permits to say that they were newer than people from the Stone Age because Sumerians made their own way of rule. The previous generations of Stone Age’s people were like tribes without any centralized rule but Sumerians united their forces in a way of forming new civilization. The beginning of Sumers was in the Chalcolithic Age, it means that it was an age between the Stone and Bronze Ages and this period is named Copper Age. We can see that this age was earlier that the Bronze Age and it will be our theme farther.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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