Sudan history on English


Sudan is a country on the South of modern Egypt and it has its own traits and historical events. No one can suggest them if he looks on the history outside some country because country’s history is a part of world’s history and forms by different events which were in the country.

We will look onto Sudan land and its history for forming our own opinion about it. But Sudan is a country that situates in Africa and sufficient moment is that Sudan is placed between Egypt and Amharic world. That gave different moments of mixing for cultures both of them. As it is written here, no one can suggest any final traits of Sudan after connections between Egypt and Amharic world.

At first, what can we say about that Amharic world? Where is it and why doesn’t any map contains this place or location? “Amharic world” is a land of Central Africa on the territory of modern Ethiopia and South Sudan. The first country is used Amharic language as native and the second is a land with Arabic and English as official languages. Those languages isn’t very sufficient here but we will look onto connections between Egypt and Ethiopia in area of traditions. Probably, they can govern by Egiptian traditions and can be define by Ethiopian. We will look onto ancient time when the countries were young and early formed and then, we will look onto modern traditions in these countries and then, we will define scale of influence between them.

Influences are important but at first, we need know something about Sudan as a land that is governed by people. There twenty six states and this division looks like the ranging that contains southern and northern states in the country. Also, the land of Sudan unifies a part of desert Sahara and warm and lifeful areas on the South of the country. Sudan has swamps and tropical climate on South. Warm tropical places om the South of the country and sandy lands of hot the hot desert are united in Sudan. As we can suggest, Sudan is unusual country, at all. This unusual structure gives interesting connections between Egyptian part and a land of Middle Africa on the South.

Well, we can see that Southern Nile is a zone where those contries and places can be connected. White Nile is a main river of Sudan and it is a river of Sudan’s land. As we can see, Sudan is a land of places those formed different traditions and country’s rivers are signs of them. Every river has its name in Sudan and simple example of them is “Bahr al-Jabal” for While Nile. Also, there are Sobat and Malakat and many other rivers there.

The rivers give life for both of men and agriculture because no one of them can be without water. Desirable water sources permit making works for farmers and inhabitants of Sudan.. We can look onto damps along Blue Nile and other rivers and they show preferable locations to us because damps are sufficient in that arid country in its northern side.Sudan has different hydrosvers where the water can be collected and than distribute according to needs of Sudanese people. The damps and channels allow that distribution and collecting in Sudan.

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