“This”, “that” and “so on” in Kalimni

We already know about plural ending “s” and it was our last theme but it is good to use some words for concrete object terms are abstract meaning! The abstract terms are required to have “a and an” prefixes in it is necessary for phrase. We understand that “house” is equal to “an house” but the second has special marker of indefiniteness and it is the article “a” before the word.

Little comment for task that was given in the previous article ”a houses” is fully incorrect word and there are two ways to correct it, according to meaning. The first is to say “houses” if plural idea is sufficient and more famous than idea of singular house. It means that “an house” is also correct if plural meaning isn’t very important and we can omit it without doubts.

As we see, concrete meaning is important in English and we have to remember it in our speeches. English is a language of situations and abstract ideas if they are necessary in concrete situation and conditions with appear there.

Theme of “this”, “that”, “these and “those can be lighted for us here. For example, “a house” is undefined house but it is before us we will say “this house” and “this” means concrete object before us that is on the distance of arm’s length and we can touch if it is necessary for us. As we can see idea of distance” is used here for close objects those can be touched by arm.

The idea of the distance is used for “that too but it has other meaning. “That” is used for objects those can’t be touched by the arm because they are. Far and distance between speaker and object is bigger than arm length. For instance, “that house” means that the house is far and it can’t be touched by us as speakers.

As we see, “this and that” are words for define objects and there is no doubt in the fact that they are existed. “this and that” can be used for animated and in animated objects. They can be as “this man” as “that house”. Also, these words give deftness to object because we talk about existed objects and it is incorrect to say “this a dog”, because in define object can’t be concrete, at all.

“These” is close to “this” with its idea but “these” is talked about many concrete objects on the length of our arms. This term requires of plural number of objects. For example, “these books” are existed before us and we can touch them, respectively. This word is an equivalent of defiance close objects.

The last word “those is used for distant objects in plural number. For example, “those trees” are define and on distant. We can say “those dogs” and “dogs” are animated, “plural and we can’t touch them.

We see that talking about objects requires using of carefulness in speech and many probably right and correct phrases are mistake and can’t be in English, respectively. Before ending of the passage, we can have a practice. Do objects define?

“A bed”; of course, it is undefined. This “horse” is define and we can touch it. “that car” is define but we can’t touch it. “these pupils” are define and they are close to us.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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