Personal pronounces in English

As we talked before we give easy English rules of for using in ordinary life for non-English speakers. This is important task because it permits ability to write and to use the language for work or farther learning if it is necessary. As we can see, no doubts are connected with idea that English is an international language and it means that it is useful for everybody if he desires to use it English as secondary or primary language.

We talked about the undefined articles “and an” before and concluded that the articles are useful and can provide much more results than simple learning of English grammar moments. We can follow rule that every language is close to other but it is useless for us and this idea is impossible too and it require farther work with correct of it. Languages can’t be close one to other if they aren’t dialects of a language and are connected with some close to it meanings, for example, they are varieties and are looked as a language that portent to know that every language consists from different parts!

The idea of indefiniteness is given before and main moment is using those two articles for in define. Objects and subjects those haven’t any description that characterizes it them. It is normal to use “a” for words those are started with consonant and the second article “an” for words with vowels in the beginning. Well, the first question is been solved and it means that written phrases “a work” and “an idea” can be used.

As we see “a work” is some work that hasn’t any description and “an idea” is undefined too.

Let’s see onto more difficult examples, “I play in a game”; it means that my game is undefined for other man or it isn’t important and we can use the thought about undefined game. Deftness of concrete situation is more important than nature of action, at all. As we see it is important and it isn’t connected with action. We can use “a and an” in appropriated situations when we talk about some idea without any concrete moments because “he eats food” is the same as “he eats the food”. It means that he makes some action and it isn’t important what is this food and its quality and many other traits too.

We see that no one trouble occurred with the articles and their meaning is very simple and understandable. We can suggest that farther work will be the same but it is doubted moment but don’t fear, we will explain hard rules with a simple way! The undefined articles “a and an” are parts of more difficult grammar themes but we desire to use English writing as it is for men those know it and there is nobody doubts that it can be so!

English article is a theme that has to be explained carefully but this article will give it farther if it will be necessary for us! We can make links with other languages but they can be doubtful and require confirmations because this task is more linguistic than ours. It means that we will work with simple and easy English grammar elements and won’t touch hard and non-easy moments in English!

As we see, farther work will be easy if we won’t desire to know much more about English than will be given here and it will give more results than simple learning English grammar without my purpose and target, except knowing for something or somebody.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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