Indian history

India is a big country with sufficient and important history. This conclusion is important because culture of India gave many important sciences and conclusions to our world. It means that the mathematic and AurVeda of permitted products and many other sciences were formed here.

We will work with Indian history and ancient language of India that was Sanskrit and also, with Indian numerology and traditional point of view onto sacred Vedas because they were very important during Vedic Age in India. This explanation and farther work give the Vedic culture that formed many sacred Indian books and also, numerology. As we see this brief explanation gives main points those will be explained farther here and we will start with the history of Vedic Age because it was in the beginning of India. We have to know this brief explanation because it will give main ideas for farther explanation of the Vedic numerology and talking about Indian sacred books like “Rig Veda” and other.

Let’s start our explanation from the Vedic history$ well Aryans and Vedic people and Indo-European are settled on the plains of the Northern Asia and then, settled in India its Northern too but we will talk about it farther.

The ancient Vedic settled there before 2000 year BCE and as we can see, they can be compared with Egyptians which started to make their societies during the same period of time. After some period of setting Vedic became well-known not as Aryans but concrete Vedic because their literature was defined them.

Vedic literature wasn’t ordinary present well-known stories and looks but sacred songs to their gods and Vedic didn’t write their sacred looks but delivered them to priests which were knowers of sacred knowledge. As we can wee traditions of Vedic literature were oral in the beginning and then, Vedic sacred hymns were written by Indians.

Well, we look onto sacred Ved’s literature. The first example of Vedic holy books is the most ancient “Rig Veda”, series of hymnus to Vedic gods. This ancient work shows that the Vedic were warlike people but their warlike ideas were stopped by their looking onto structure of life and it gave permanent ideas of world’s organization.

But what targets were in Vedic sacred songs to their gods? Of course, Vedic people honored the gods and “Rig Veda”, is a work that shows it in full-sized point of view. As we write early, “Rig Veda” was oral and delivered between the priest for century to century.

We don’t know anything about early versions of “Pig Veda” but it is a final version that is known now. We will look on the series of sacred songs farther but this part of our work shows only period of Vedic life because we need know true area of Vedic sacred works and songs. As we can see, Vedic more knowledge able knowers of their life and long stringing gave their results in Vedic songs which were delivered between honorable and wise priests.

The priests of Vedic used their own language that decided a language of making honor songs to their gods and it confirms the idea of knowledge of Veds and those knowledge brought to them their point of view onto the world.

This article was written By Duchanin Ilya.

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