Forms of words in English

We already know about undefined articles and we can say that this theme is very simple and easy. It doesn’t mean that the articles is very simple in using too but idea of indefiniteness is simple too and it won’t have place in farther works. We have to work with it and understand difference between “a house” and “a green house”. This understanding permits to use this idea farther in explanations and examples.

We have to work with words forms for practice farther. We can suggest that forms of words are simple theme too but it requires careful work and knowing about the pronouns theme because it is necessary to understanding that the undefined articles are simples theme in English if it is explained with light grammar moments. We will work with not so simple ideas and terms in English but we give some practice before work with the theme of nouns and words forms.

What can we say about “a man”? This man is unknown and undefined to us and “a table” has the same main idea and it is undefined and can be yellow or black or blue and we don’t know anything about it. But we can say “a red ball” if there are many red balls and we talk only about “one undefined red ball” because “a” carries meaning of one object too. As we can see, the article “a and an” have two functions, they show untidiness and talk about “one” thing at all.

So what can we say about words forms? There two main forms singular and plural and also, possessive but we will talk about the possession farther. The singular form can be shown with the article “a” or without it if it is necessary. For example, “an house” and “house” are equaled it is permanent fact but situations of defining of singular number is rare and they will be shown farther.

The plural form talks about objects those aren’t singular and no one article “a” is used. “Houses mean many houses” and they are several moments when the letters “s” occurs in the final position of a word; so we have to remember that correct endings necessary in English; Also, there are version of the plural ending “s”; it means that it looks as “es” for nouns those end on “s” and “c” and can be so because it is a rule of correct using for plural “s”.

This theme doesn’t require special attention and we can go farther but there is necessity of practice work! So try to correct the next phrases, “a boys”, “a tables”, ”streets”, “houses”. Of course, the last word is correct and it is normal to with so, without any doubt! We can see that this simple rule contains meaning of simple using and it is very useful, together with “a” and “an” theme but we must understand difference between these two rules and have ability to use them correctly.

We will work with ways of defining some object in speech because it is sufficient to talk not only about undefined things and abstract terms but practice and concrete words and terms in some situation because it is obligatory in free speech with people.

This article was wriotten by Duchanin Ilya.

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