Factors and connections in English

This lecture is useful for good using and understanding of sentences structure and it gives examples of them without any hard gives examples of them without any hard moments because next theme can be adverbs and other additional parts of speech. It won’t mean that English is finished on those themes but they are been necessary farther.

We already worked with different themes in the previous articles those look like lectures and we already know how to say, “I go there now” but why is it so? What can we say about sentences parts and why are they so? This question is important, the work with it here in this lecture.

We know that different words are necessary for fluent describing and it gives different ways to farther work because of course we can study English without any theory but only with its using and also, we can use it for some concrete targets like connections with people and we can’t predict goals and target of yours. So this theoretical article can give different new moments and we know nothing about that dirty place with permanent flies$ so we can change “flies” to “birds” and then our result is “birds fly here” and it gives some romantic picture. We can add time factor in the sentence for concreting the romantic picture, “Birds fly here in mornings”. We see, that the time factor “in mornings” comes to the end of sentence before location. “Birds fly on shores in mornings his a full romantic picture. We can add different words but have to remember that location precede time factors and the last appear at the end.

As we know, birds can be with their different feathers. SO we can concrete that their color is white and result is the next, “White birds fly on shores in mornings” and it gives very romantic point of view on those places and period of time. We will work with the sentence farther and will make it more and more realistic because it will shows fule sized English’.

As it is ordinary for English adjective precede nouns and don’t follow themes it is in Arabic and Farsi. What can we say about special fuctions of time and peace factors? Nothing, they are used for concretization of situatios those are given in sentences. We can say as “bear live in forest now” or as “men go there now”. You can see that described situations are different but structures are equal and same.

A little additional comment given here, it is ending “s” of verbs in the present tense “wants” possesses this ending and it means that some person in the third person singular form makes “wish and wants something”. It verb has “s”, “sh”, “ch” endings, there will be used “es” ending, as “wishes”, “touches” and so on. We see that this rule illinate repeating “ss” and hard pronuned syllables like “chs” and “shs”.

We wll work farther with different factors and elements for connecting parts of a sentence and it will be very useful for us in a way of learning English as a language for connections and writing using that is necessary for official or other connections between people in the world.

This article was written By Duchanin Ilya.

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