English as touristic language

English is a language that is sufficient for knowing in our present day because it shows very nice and perspective moments for works and traveling’s. We haven’t to know a language of some country but we can visit it without any doubts if we know English.

This language is universal and it can be used everywhere if there “is a touristic zone”. It means that we can’t wait that English can be understand everywhere but it is very sufficient and important to have ability for talking with simple English and it gives way for connections with settlers there.

It is very important to know that level of English can be low in a place; so it forms necessity to use simple and light version of the language because studying requires additional time and sometimes it couldn’t be so and this lacking forms simple English. No one can give knowledge sabot something, if it is connected with lacking of additional hours in a day and we can use only simple and a little bit knowledge man. It provides practice our own language but in can give or workers in other land.

This course permits to practice simple English and construct phrases as “I am a tourist” and “where is my town” and “I want to eat”. The last phrase will be given at the end of the course. So we will construct different version of those phrases and they will be useful for us in talking. Every phrase will be short and deliver more meaning than talking on your native language in other country. We won’t study hard English grammar because it seems to be simple but spoken language and its literature version are very different.

We will practice spoken English and it gives simple rules for us those can be used everywhere and we won’t to remember hard and complex rules but only simple and light for understanding. No one moment of English will be given without comments and this bilingual explanation will be used for everybody who desires to know as native language as English and it is helpful for us by explanations of simple started English rules. We see that our works will permit using of English everywhere.

It is necessary we will practice not only spoken English but written version as well, It provides understanding written constructions and not only spoken version because we can meet with written texts which haven’t voiced version. It is normal if we will use texts for works and also, carry the way of full sized knowing of English. Knowing of writing of some language is good and it shows your own abilities in work with that.

We will start our course from simple moments like alphabet and we will practice some version of dialogs and texts at the end of work with English. It will provide as suing as theory and “My name is..” will be grown into “nice” weather is that carries goodness to us”. As we can see different levels of knowing in English is shown here. We know that practice for English is better that learning simple phrase those can be found in every book for tourists and men who desires to visit some countries and learn carefully its phrases and simple sentences like “Where is my dinner? And “Give me my coffee”. This way is very simple and we won’t practice it!”

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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