Aryans gods

As we already know, Aryans had their own gods and they were keepers of flock owners and the nomads which wore Aryans. We know that those people lived during Bronze Age from 1500 to 500 year BC.

And of course, their works were existed during settled period and literature couldn’t existed during nomadic period of Vedic. Aryans had warfare and nomadic style of lives and they gave the bases for their religion and it existed as a conclusion from their two styles of life with were connected between one another. If we look onto their religion closely we will find that the belief of Aryans was connected with idea of “nature power and its forces”.

Aryans belief was concreted onto the powerful nature that was performed to them as two gods which possessed the sky and upper world and ruled the sky. We see that Vedic found power in communication with the two gods, the first was Varune who rued the sky and the second was Indra. As we can suggest, Varune was a creator of the sky and the world and he guarded world and cosmic order for keeping safeness of the world.

Indra was a god of War for Aryans which were nomads and warriors, as well. We see that Varune was a god was a god of warfare Aryans which were nomads and warriors as well. We see that Varune was a god al upper and cosmic world and kept orders there and Indra was a god of warriors and was a god of the town world where Aryans and other people were live! This world order was delivered by Aryan priest in “Rig Veda” and this ancient series of songs delivered intention of Aryans in written form.

But how could Varune make decisions about cosmic order and true actions? He did those decisions according to “Rita” that was a proper order of things and deeds. We see that “Rita” delivered him ideas about true additions in the upper world. We don’t know anything instructions Indra but they could be hided and he did according to situations and made his decisions by ethic ways. So we don’t know anything about instructions of Indra but the priests believed in both of them and didn’t differ both them.

We will work farther with “Rig Veda” but now the cosmic model of Aryans is more sufficient than “Rig Veda” because the model gave answers for questions about purpose of writing. “Rig Veda” and necessity of making it be written form on Sanskrit. So now our target is find answer on the question, “Who were Aryans those wrote sacred “Rig Veda”?”

As we see, the gods of Aryans tend to be universal and had every aspect of life and their difference were in the same area of Aryans life. We have to remember that they existed in the world of nomads which possessed flocks and fought against other men which were on the plains. As we know, their style of life brought nomadic and war fare style of life that was confirmed by their two gods, Indra and Varune.

We can conclude that Aryans were ordinary tribe and it was so along to their sacred and divine work “Rig Veda”. We will talk about it farther and look onto Sanskrit and “Rig Veda” in translation on English because on Sanskrit seems to be useless for us. This translation is worked with different verses those depicted ancient point of Vedas view. But this article shows the system of Aryan gods and it will be repeated for the knowledge if it will be necessary for farther articles. Also, we make a short view onto Vedic’s system of the world and will continue it farther because Vedic mythological system will be repeated farther.

We can’t look onto “Rig Veda” without any understanding of Vedic mythology and it can be very usual and truth less in this case. We must look onto Vedic’s’ history and appearing of sacred works of Aryans.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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