Aryan skills

We wrote in the previous article that Aryans were nomadic role that reached different wallegs along rivers. It is good that they were nomads because this style of life permitted to settle on Asian plains. But what can we say about skills those brought ideas of making sacred oral works like “Rig Veda” and brought to them idea of existing sacred ancient gods, Varuna and Indra.

We see that their point of view was confirmed by Aryan style of live and their believes in the gods, Indra and Varuna. We must understand that the land of Aryan’s territory was on the plain and every time this land became home for new strange tribes and they weren’t everywhere and Aryans were one of them and people every day, looked onto dark-yellow wastelands and paid their gods to give, them a new day of troubles life or to give them success in a battle. The lands are settled now and they were lifeless in the past because only rivers brought water to those lands. They weren’t settled and waterless gave a thought about travelling’s with flocks and only firm believes in the two gods gave life to the ancient people.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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