Egyptian mythology. Part 2.

اسیس اتنفست عمر في جتة اسیریس و هو استعاد.

Isis breathed life in the body of Osiris and he recovered.

اسیریس استجد رب لمییت.

Osiris became the god of Dead.

قصته تعرف ان اذا ناس یکانوا في بیتهم، هم یکانوا في امان.

This story tells about safety for men which remain in their houses.

قصته تعرف ان حقیقة ان حکیم یکان یدفني بحکیم اخر في ارض مصري یکان مهم.

And also, this story says that fact of buried man by other wise man is important for himself.

اسیس ولدت لحاروس و هو اتحار عکس سیف بسببه کان خاله.

Isis got birth to Horus and he fought against Seth because he was his uncle.

حاروس خسر عینه في ده معرکة و ده استعاد بنفسه.

Horus lost eye in the battle but it was recovered.

سیف لا مات و اثم یکان بنا.

Seth didn’t die and evil is always with us.

احنا نشاف ان کان وقت شدید في مصر قدم و کانتوا فکرات عن عمرین داين في ده بلد لي سماء.

We see that ancient time was hard in Egypt and there were thoughts about eternal life on the sky.

ناس مصري فکرتوا  في عمرین في بلد لي سماء.

The Egyptian people thought about eternal lives in county on the sky.

ربینهم کانتوا لده هدف لعمر لي عالم لي سماء.

Their gods were for a target of living on the sky.

ثقافة عندت نقلیدین ده قالتوا ان عمر کان لعمر بعد ده ، لکن ناس نفعتوا لفکر عن شغل لفرعون.

Egyptian culture had tradition that said that life is a a work for farther life but people worked for theit pharaoh.

اذا تحنا شافتوا لي بیناءات، احنا ندور انهم یادیوا فکرین عن شغلین کبیرین لفرعونین.

If we look onto building there, we will find that the works for pharaoh were big.

We can say that the pantheon of the Egyptian gods was predicted by necessities of the rulers which didn’t want to have any finish of their power. It seemed to be limitless and everything was according to their wishes.

The problem of ruling pharaohs wasn’t sufficient on early stage of Egypt and it became known farther.

Also, You could see the first part of this theme here.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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