Egyptian mythology. Part 1.

بنقال عن اسطورات في مصر، بسببهم مهمات بنا.

We talk about Egyptian myths because they are important for us.

کانتوا تمانی ربین في مصر و کانتوا غي مییة.

There were eight gods in Egypt and were in water.

ده ربیت کانتوا في جوزین، و کانتوا ده جوز.

The gods were in pairs and those pairs were next.

حاک و حاکیت، هم کانتوا في مکان فوقنا.

Hok and Hoket were in a place above us.

کوم و کوکیت کانتوا ربین لضلمة.

Kuk and Kuket were the gods of darkness.

امون و امونیت کانتوا ربین لاشیا دي کانتوا خبیتوا في عالم.

Amun and Amunet were the gods of hided things.

نون و نونیت کانتوا ربین لمییة مفدسة.

Nun and Nunet were the gods of sackred water.

ده ربین جسدتوا فوضی في ده عالم.

Those gods represented Chaos in this world.

صورات فرجت انهم کانتوا بدماعین دفدعات.

Pictures showed that they were with frogs’ heads.

تل بدائي کان في مییة بدائية، دي کانت لنون و نونیت.

Primordial hill was on the primordial water that possessed to Nun and Nunet.

رب اتون استنی لي ده تل و هو صمم نفسه و ربین.

Atun stayed on the primordial hill and also, he created himself and the other gods.

اسیس و اسیریس کانتوا ربین لعمرین بعد وفاتین.

Osiris and Isis were the gods of life after death.

هم استرییحتوا في مصر لعمل بها و اتحسنتواها.

They came to Egypt for improving the country.

اسیریس راح لتدریس ناس و اسیس فضلت اخها خدین.

While Osiris went to the people, Isis kept her evil brother in cheeks.

اخها (سیف) خدع اسیریس و اسیریس باضت في تابوته.

Seth (Isis’es brother) tricked Osiris and he laid in his coffin.

سیف رجع نابوت في نیلي و اسیس راحت في بیبلوس و هي استعادت جتة لجوزها.

Seth threw the coffin out in Nile and Isis travelled to Byblos and recovered her husband’s body there.

هي رجعت في مصر و هي دفنتها في ارض.

She returned in Egypt and buried the body in the ground.

سیف دور علی جتة و بریها جو 13 حتات.

Seth found the body and cutted it into 13 pieces.

سیف رجع دي حتات في نیلي، لکن اسیس و نفیس دورتوا علی دي حتات من غیر قضيب.

Seth threw the pieces out into Nile and Isis and Nethys found all of them, except phallus.

هم استعادتوا جتة لاسیریس.

And they recovered the body of Osiris.

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This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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