Comparison of the Past tense in Egyptian and MSA

As we know, MSA hastwo tenses, Past and Present. It is normal to operate additional preceded letter”s” for making of the Future tense. Example of it is syaktub – he will write. But we need to rewrite that on Arabic because it is sufficient for understanding.


We see that additional “s” changes the meaning of the verb.

Can we trace the same in Egyptian (Kalimni)? We can look on that in Kalimni for the Past Tense and then, talk about those changings.

We take regular verb کتب that means “to write” and form its Past stem. This verb is very useful without any vowels because they can be changed in Egyptian from MSA.

I wrote is کتبتin both of the Arabics. And vowel is sukun for both of them.

We wrote is کتبناfor both and it seems to be regular but we look onto enfings those aren’t equal.

You (male) wrote is کتبت and this word is the same in Egyptian and MSA.

You (female) wrote is کتبتي in Egyptian and کتبت in MSA. This difference is the first.

He wrote is a stem of the verb without any ending.

She wrote is کتبت and this form is the same but Egyptian (Kalimni) has additional “I” vowels after the stem.

We wrote is کتبنا and it is the same.

You (plural) wrote is کفبتم (MSA) and کتبتوا in Egyptian (Kalimni).

He wrote is کتب in MSA and Egyptian.

She wrote is کتبت in both of Arabics.

They wrote is کتبوا کتبنin MSA and genderless کتبتوا in Egyptian (Kalimni).

As we can see, different Arabics have slight different forms and it approves that every speaker on Saudi International Mosern Syandard Arabic can understand speaker from Egypt. This is a nature of dialectual Egyptian and it shows closeness of Arabics, at all.

Farther moments approve carefully this conclusion because it will show closeness once and once more. It is very helpful for learning Kalimni on the base of knowing Modern Standard Arabic.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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