Close moments of the Present Tense in Egyptian and MSA

The previous article shows that MSA and Kalimni are close with some differences in the Past Tense and this article shows the Present Tense in those Arabics.

I write is باکتبin Egyptian and اکتب in MSA. The first moment is that the letter ب is used in Egyptian as a mark of verbs in the Present Tense.

You (male) write is بتکتب in Egyptian and تکتب in MSA.

You (female) write is  بتکتبي on Kalimni and on MSA it is تکتبین.

They write is یکتبون and یکتبن for female variant on MSA and also, بتکتبوا on Egyptian.

He writes is بیکتب on Egyptian and کتب on MSA.

She write is بتکتب on Kalimni and تکتب on MSA.

This explanation shows that both Arabics aren’t close one to other in the written forms. Cause of this conclusion is in differences between them in prefixes and suffixes. But if we talk about spoken manners, pronunciation in Egyptian is slight differ from MSA but it can’t make any problem in understanding.

There is a moment that Kalimni Arabic seems to be base for traditional Arabic dialects in Northern Africa because many words from Kalimni existed in other Arabic dialects. This borrowing is normal and no one knows what is a nature of a wordbecause it can be assimilated in Kalimni (for example) but it is originally from Darya (Marrocan Arabic) and vise versa. There are many connections between Arabic languages as we see it on the base of this article. Machanism of borrowing isn’t described here because it isn’t important for this article and is looked as an independent theme for us. But we will discuss on this theme farther, probably. It means that after describing of Kalimni we can look onto this mechanism of borrowing words from MSA and will discuss about that mechanism after this article because at first, we wok with Kalimni grammar and then, we will work with Kalimni’s words.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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