Amharic alphabet

We talk about Amharic language in this article and its alphabet. What is this language? Amharic is the language of Central Africa and it is interesting by sillablic structure. What is it? Every word contains from syllables like in English. It is the truth and we can’t doubt about it but Amharic is an other language.

Amharic alphabet

This doesn’t contain alphabet as in English but every syllable is an object of list of syllables. For instance, let “ba” as syllable has different view than “ta” and “ha”. We can’t divide Amharic syllables onto consonant and vowel parts but look on them as a single structure.

We can see that Amharic is a language with non-European internal structure and it confirms that this language has really Middle African structure. For example, series of syllables forms some word and it has individual nature and meaning.

The first thought that appears is that Amharic is a language for non-Europeans and it is very strange, at all. But we will work with Amharic with comments in articles farther and then, we will know all strange Amharic language, without doubts!

Comparisons and analogues with some European or Arabic languages are useless because Amharic has other nature. This nature will shown in articles farther and it will give positive results for us!

At first, we will work with Amharic syllables and their writings because it is normal for using them if they are been necessary. That language can’t be compared with some languages and it approves that Amharic has other internal structure and those rules will be shown farther. So, this language performs real African nature for every words and sign. The same situation is with Hindi and its letters and unusual rules. So it is necessary to understand that our travel will be harmless but hard, according to Amharic signs and rules.

English Amharic

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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