Essay of verbs in Kalimni

There are different verbs in Kalimni and it gives cases for making compound sentences because we work ordinary with actions which appear in lifetime. It is very important grammar theme and verbs are used every where. We will give not grammar theory but examples, because the grammar of Egyptian isn’t very simple. But the examples, because the grammar of Egyptian isn’t very simple. But the examples can give different ways of their using and it is better to know word without grammar theory than vise versa.

As we know, every verb in English can have person who makes an action if it is necessary and its name subject. Then, there is can be object of action (if it is necessary too) Also, there can be indirect object it the real object is used. Well, we can suggest that structure of every sentence is subject-verb-object.

This scheme is used in Kalimni and it is normal for Egyptian Arabic. Also, it permits to make different sentences but the main moments are connection between subject-verb and object. This sequence is used as tradition in Kalimni and it permits to make sentences where those can be understanded by native speakers. Let’s  talk about concrete role of the components.

Subject before verb and it can be replaced buy the personal pronounces those were given early. It means, “Ahmad went” and changed construction is “he went”. As we see, the simple replacing is here and the seme mechanism can be used in Kalimni.

Verb carries main meaning because it carries actions and their nuances and its moments. Verb are suffixed and prefixed in Kalimni and they carry close to English idea of suffixes as “-ed” and “ing” and prefixes as “pre-”,, “on” and other. As we see, close way is existed in English and it permits to make forms out of ordinary vocabulary verbs.

Also, object carries the meaning of the third component of every action because object is influenced by action as it is necessary for the action.

This structure is named “svo” (subject – verb — object) and it is normal in Kalimni but traditional English sequence is the same and Arabic is “vso”. We see differences between them. As it was shown in this article, the superlative degree of some comparative adjective must precede noun for making this degree and it is a simple way to make that. It is shown that this degree is an ordinary moment a Kalimni and it normal to use it as a normal form of  an adjective. And also, the superlative form requires careful point of view because comparative adjective can’t give full meaning and its role in a sentence. But we have to learn adjectives correctly because they are important along with their simple rule of connecting nouns and adjectives. And remember that there are the three forms of an adjective, like {faady} with its masculine form and [faadyah], according to the rule of the feminine ending [ah] and [faady in] for plural form of the adjective free.

This brief example is necessary because the suffixes for adjectives are previously showed and they can have different views, according to pronunciation and probably way of transcribing. The three suffixes if adjectives have to be talking if it is necessary there.

  • This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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