Essay of Past and Future actions in Kalimni

There are the two ways to say about past and the future actions and there are some grammatical moment that names particle and it is a form of a verb. We worked already with “bi-imperfect’ and ‘ha-imperfect’ tenses and both of them carry different meanings.

Bi-imperfect carries meaning of Present actions those existed and are executed at the moment. As example, we can bring verb [hatt] that means ‘to put’ and we can make [biychatt] for ”he puts” and also, we can use ha-imperfect for future. It books like [haihatt], ‘he will put’.

It is normal to use both of those forms in written and spoken Egyptian. But it is necessary to understand differences between both of the forms. But be happy ha-and bi-imperfect are used primary in written form of Egyptian Kalimni and it is normal to follow rule of concrete description for understanding from the side of hearer because you can use full Egyptian Kalimni but it isn’t obligatory if you are not a native speaker.

Let’s start to talk about farther derivate forms of verbs this form is participles and it is very important if you want to use full-sized Kalimni and the participles are derivate forms of verbs as it is written early. For example, verb ‘to carry’ can give ‘carried’ and worked is a form of “to work”. Also, participles in Egyptian is normal for using.

Verb “to put” is [hatt] and participle is [haatyt]. We see, that there is full changing in the structure but is it same for other verbs? Well, ‘to travel’ {Saafir} and derived participle it means adjective is [Saefir] and Past example is ‘to know’ and its participle is [Aaarif] for [Airif]. Translations couldn’t give full sized point of view but we cause that the first syllables carries long [aa] sound and other changings aren’t very sufficient because [aa] it talks about derivate forms  of verbs and we won’t miss the meaning of this sound [aa] because it helps to form adjective from a verb.

As we see, Kalimni as Egyptian Arabic carries many traits of Arabic as primary language and Arabic is a language that formed names dialects in the past.

 We explained briefly the main moments of Kalimni grammar and as we can see many moments haven’t any analogies in English and they confirm conclusion that spoken Egyptian is sufficient in case of decision about learning Egyptian for selves and this Arabic language is important for tourism.

It is a cause of giving Egyptian Kalimni in a view of transcriptions because  it is written Egyptian is sufficient only in Cairo and Alexandria and other cities. All of them require written Egyptian because it is normal to know as Egyptian as MSA in Egypt if you desire to work and live there.

This course of the article gives spoken version of Egyptian because it is useful for living and rest in Egypt.

  • This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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