Essay of comparative adjectives in Kalimni

Adjectives can be comparative in Kalimni (Egyptian Arabic) and this degree is close to English equivalent/ It means that adjectives can have special forms for comparison like ‘big – bigger and the biggest’. We confirm that nature of them delivers the same meaning as in English and Arabic but there are same as in English and Arabic but there are same excerptions when the comparative forms can’t be existed and those excerptions not can’t be so wide spreaded and we will work with then here, in this article or after it.

So, the first comparative adjective for us is [at wal] and it means “taller”. We will work with superlative form of adjectives farther. The first comparative adjective is [at wal] and it means “higher”; let’s look onto example of it using in a sentence, [Ahmad tunal minni], this phrase means a very simple thing, “Ahmad is taller than me”. We see that this example has the comparison “than me” and it isn’t very useful phrase but it delivers soma comparison with “me”.

But we will work with the same phrase with out any comparison and let’s try to change the comparative in the comparative form is “better” and result of changing is [‘Ahmad’ahsam mihni]. We can suggest and guess meaning “Ahmad is better than me”. This comparative form is {ahsam] “better” and it is close to its English equivalent.

Also, we see that comparative adjective looks like standard Kalimni and Arabic adjectives and go after a noun. If comparison isn’t very important, it can be dropped and then, we will make new version of the first, example, {Ahmad’ atwal} but this version of the phrase can’t be but if we change [‘ahmad] and [‘atwal] by their places and make [‘atwal Ahmad], we will make superlative form of the comparative adjective [‘atwal]. Cause of it is that, if we change comparative adjective with its place with noun and make the structure “adjective-noun”.

  • This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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