Essay of adjectives in Kalimni

Adjectives in Kalimni close to the same idea in other languages and they have describing nature  and this seems to be describing nature and this seem to be equal but we can notice differences between different adjectives of languages. It isn’t prohibited to compare the languages instruments but this series of articles has only descriptive target. So we work with Egyptian adjectives here and don’t have any other goal.

So, Kalimni adjectives are close to their English equivalents but have their own traits and manses; let’s look on them because this article shows main ideas cause this article shows main ideas but not concrete examples according to the Arabic nature of Kalimni, adjectives  are followed after nouns, like not ‘big house’ but ‘house big’ and those examples give first moment of Kalimni. It isn’t very important but requires careful using. Also, we can say that the adjectives specify concrete qualities of nouns if they aren’t summarized those traits of a noun, like ‘some place is five’ and we don’t know what is this place and why is it fine. Kalimni adjectives can have the same summered nature but don’t talk about abstract and summarized adjectives now.

Let’s say that the adjectives define concrete qualities of an n object in Kalimni and it is true  for Kalimni  ‘As we know the article [il] has a target  of conservation for some noun it is close to the English article ‘the’ with close meaning and nature. It is helpful for us because it permits to make examples on English’.

We talk about the defy article [il] and it is necessary to use the same article for adjectives and nouns because it gives defines for both noun and adjective. For example, [irrajil shaatar], it means ‘the man is clever’. As we see, there is single article [il] and it forms the full sized sentence but if we put the second [il] we will make pair word and adjective, as [irrajiil is shaatir] ‘the clever man.’

We can give different examples of changings in adjectives but we will start our work with them from the next article because this theme is very big and we can’t talk about it here without shortened and cutting of some moments.

Well, we work with the theoretical beginning of the work with connections and rules between different pairs noun and adjectives follow nouns and are used for concretizing of different special moments of nouns  those are sufficient for it. We seem that the adjectives have important role in Kalimni and we can use them after nouns as elements for defaming traits of nouns.

No one speech can be without adjectives and we will talk about their special grammar traits of defining of meanings moments and sometimes, it helps in work with them. The adjectives is an important theme in Kalimni it has to be close worked regardless of concrete special examples which are shown farther because it makes practice to us and will define concrete moment. Also, the examples will give different new adjectives as they were.

  • This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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