Irish traditional celebrations

The history of Ireland made different celebrations with agricultural and traditional nature. Ancient celebrations had Celtic nature and we won’t talk about them because it is more interesting and helpful to know modern dates in the year.

As we know, every year is started with the January 1st, but it is the Julian tradition and it doesn’t change, according to the seasons.

It has a simple example, if the winter is finished early, all works on the fields change their dates too. This simple rule shows adaptation of the agriculture but we talk about traditional moments in the year those are connected with moments during every years. They have more astronomical characters than dates for the agriculture in every year.

As it is shown early in this article, agricultural dates aren’t connected with traditional celebrations. If we know this fact, how can be made dates of celebrations? Of course, on the base of astronomy that gives different points during a year.

Every year is divided onto periods, according to the planets moving.

Those dates have astronomical and other events. If we remember, there are the two Solstices every year and they divide year on the two traditional moments.

The two moments are directly astronomical and the next is a days of night and day equality in Spring and Autumn (March 17th and September 21st). As we see, there are the four astronomical dates, but Irish calendar has other four dates those can be named as “traditional”. They are divided of a year on other four periods of time.

According to the Irish calendar, they are marked agricultural moments. February 1st is a beginning of Spring, Nay 1st is as a starting point of summer, August 1st is a beginning of marriages period and also, beginning of the harvest, date between October 31st and November 30th is a beginning of “dark half” of the year.  

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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