Polynesian languages

The theme of Urdu, Farsi and Arabic languages was completed recently and the next series of languagesare the series of Polynesian languages. A cause is that Arabic dialects have local character, at all; we can use MSA in all Arabicin the world and there is no doubt that it can be understanded by people. Farsi is the language of Asian world and it is lingvo-franca for that world too. Urdu is a language close to Hindi and it is useful in Northern India; also, it is a language that carries many grammar traits of Hindi. The rest is the Polynesian group of languages.

Why can this group be interested for us? Polynesian languages are been used on different islands in Pacific Ocean. We will work with them as linguisticalla as detailed and it will be interesting voyage in islands’ world along with historical and other observations.

But what will viewed?

  • Tongic languages.
  • Futunic.
  • Ellicean
  • Eastern Polynesian

And many others.

We look shortly history of Polynesian languages in this article.

Tongic languages is a family of Polynesian languages and it was formed many years before. This is a small group of languages, Tongic and Niuean and probably,


We will start our work with this group of languages in the next article, because it is a perfect start point for our work with the languages. Probably, the best way is comparison of different words and it will give differences and closeness in them. The good way is the comparison because it permits to form point of vies onto grade of those differences. It was shown in the previous article of comparison Urdu and Hindi words which were shown early.

So, our target in the next series of works is forming of closeness’s grade and make our own conclusion about the three languages from Polynesia.

Farther articles will show differences and close moments of the three languages.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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