Descriptions by Algerian

Hello, dear friend!

We always need something or someone to describe. An example is: you can speak the Algerian dialect, if we describe something.

A market in Algeria

In the market in Algeria we will always need to describe what we want to buy and what size is needed. At the restaurant we always estimate cost of dishes, that they are expensive or cheap for us. We always try to describe our friends, acquaintances or relatives  to somebody very well. You do not need to remember everything, you need to print the table and use in the conversation in any situation in the rest in Algiria. Let’s look at it,

English   transcriptionEnglish  words
1 kHal Black
2 zRaq Blue
3 qah-wee Brown
4 Ramaadee Gray
5 KhDaR Green
6 tcheenee Orange
7 fyoolee Purple
8 HmaR Red
9 byiD White
10 SfaR Yellow
11 kbeeR Big
12 ghaameq Deep
13 Tweel Long
14 Dayiq Narrow
15 qSeeR Short (in height)
16 qSeeR Short (in length)
17 SgheeR Small, little
18 Tweel Tall
19 Khsheen Thick
20 eRqeeq Thin
21 waase’ Wide
22 mdooweR Round
23 qbaala Straight
24 muReba’ Square
25 muthalathee Triangular
26 miR Bitter
27 fReeshk Fresh
28 maalaH Salty
29 HaamaD Sour
30 HaaR Spicy
31 Hloo Sweet
32 maashee mleeH Bad
33 nqee Clean
34 meDlaam Dark
35 waa’aR Difficult
36 mwusaKh Dirty
37 naashif Dry
38 saahel Easy
39 faaRagh Empty
40 ghaalee Expensive
41 saRee’ Fast
42 baRaanee Foreign
43 m’amaR Full
44 mleeH Good
45 S-HeeH Hard (firm)
46 tqeel Heavy
47 RaKheeS Inexpensive
48 Daawee Light (illumination)
49 Khfeef Light (weight)
50 maHalee Local
51 jdeed New
52 feeh il-Hus Noisy
53 qdeem Old (about things)
54 kbeeR Old (about people)
55 foR Powerful
56 mit-haden Quiet (person)
57 il-Haq Right / Correct
58 tqeel Slow
59 TaRee Soft
60 bizaaf Very
61 Da’eef Weak
62 mshimaKh Wet
63 ghaaleT Wrong / Incorrect
64 SgheeR Young
65 shweeya Few / Little
66 bizaaf Many / Much
67 shweeya min Part
68 shweeya Some / A few
69 kaamil Whole

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This artcile was written by Duchanin Mary.

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