The origin of Urdu

What can we say and know about the origin of Urdu and why is it important? Anyway, we can say now that they are Hindi’s followers. Both os them are close one to other and they look like a language but did thay so in the past?

This question is interesting and the languages have close relations and nature. Urdu has Arabic-Persian script but their closeness is described in grammar manuals.

Well, Hindi as a separated language started its history in the period of Islamic invasion and after that, Urdu and Hindi were separated, at all. We will work with Hindi history and language and anywat, they will be shown in series of articles about Hindi grammar. It is important because we would be familiar with it if it is important for us.

Of course, it must be ligted that Urdu-Hindi history was started with separating of Hindustani to the two different languages.

Hindi has Devangari script and it is unusual for others nut it can be known for us. Anyway, Hindi has a long separated history and it can be divided onto traditional grammar and modern because they are different by their usings and we will work with the modern variant of grammar because it can be used now.

The good news is that Hindi grammar isn’t so hard but as a response to it, Gindi terms and names are more complex because some ideas can be met in European languages and some not.

We will work with the terms and names farther and it gives a result of knowing Hindi, as secondary language. Our target is represent Hindi as easier as possible and this work will be started from Hindi writing. All of words will have their pronunciations and we will work with both of them. Anyway,  sometimes, Hindi phrases and rules will be given without any writing because speaking is famous too.

The next article will show several hand-writed letters and it will be beginning of work. Hindi writing is Devanagari scripted and it is hard for familiarization but we will work with Devanagari farther.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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