Arabic verb types

We already worked with the different types of verbs in the previous article about Arabic. We looked onto verbal stems there and now, we are ready to division those types onto groups.

The division can help to us in work with them. We looked onto yje types and we can remember that the base verbal form is فعل  and this three liyeral form can give more than 10 stems.

Their main quality in the follows meaning of the 1st stem and novices it.

We will trace changings, according to verbs’ stem (types).

The form 2 has causative meaning to the main 1st stem.

The form 3 has accusative meaning to the 1st/

The form 4 has causative meaning of the 1st

The form 5 can have reflexitibe meaning to the 2nd or intensive to the 1st.

The form 6 has reflexitive meaning to the 3rd.

The form 7 has reflexitive and possessive meaning to the 1st.

The form 8 has reflexitive and specialized to the 1st.

The last the form 10 has considerable and reflecitive meaning to the 1st.

As we can see, the stems have different nuances of meaning and they can be collected in three big groups, causative, reflexitive and causative nuances.

We work with examples of verbs in the best section.

Reflexitive trait add 6, 7, 8, 10 and 5 types. We can use every of them and compare the verbs in those stems.

Other secondary trait is causative meaning but it is primary as reflexitive and can be looks as additional trait of the 1st stem.

As we see, the reflexive trait is primary and it must have examples because this term is ubknown for us.

Then, we have to exlain the verbs’ stems along to their translations onto English because it kights the reflexitive trait.

The reflexive trait is important because it confirms true understanding of the stems.

The next article will continue the started work with the Arabic stems of verbs. We will use different Arabic verbs for the explanation of the stems in the next article.

The existed work is sufficient for us if farther using won’t contact with so difficult object as Arabic stems. If it isn’t so, the next article shows traits of the stems and explains their necessity.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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