Arabic verbal forms

What can we say about Arabic verbs as they are? Of course, they are verbs with their connected meanings. Well, it is fine but are “derived verbs” in Arabic? English isn’t close to Arabic and it’s a cause to say that Arabic verbs are independent (but can be translated onto English).

The Arabic verbs are independent and they have different forms. It means that different varieties of a verb can be formed in Arabic. These varieties are named stems and they can be used as independent verbs and verbal forms.

What can be said about them? Arabic has many derived forms which can be used in literature and speaking. Of course, we must understand that the forms are part of literature language. The forms can be used as parts of Kurabic texts or other scientific ones but it isn’t very common for daily conversations.

At first, we must define concrete Arabic for the article because it is non-common for Arabic dialects. So we used to practice Classical Arabic this language is a most common

This article is the beginning of articles’ series about Arabic Arabic word’s constructing mechanism because it is a long talking. The Arabic words aren’t so simple as they look for the first looking. It is made with thousands of years and respectively, it is complex theme for knowing.

Well, we can follow and use Arabic words’ models but we must remember that it is part of literature language because many of forms will be given as familiarization for us.

Of course, those mechanisms are common for high-levelled language and they can be used for showing knowledges in the area of the Arabic language. Simultaneously, we will work with words’ constructions and make several importanr decisions about words’ constructions.

We will start our work with Arabic verbs from the next article because the theme is large.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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