Arabic verbs and their forms

The previous article shows common moments in Arabic. We work with verb forms in this article, simultaneously. The main part of Arabic verbs are thriliteral and it gives several syllables in them.

Base verb form containes three literas and example of it is

خرج، ذهب، درب، ترک

These verbs can be named “three literals” and it is their name. Also, different forms are here but we work with “three literal” in this article.

Form 1 is فعل and it is the base form for constructing other and carring verb’s meaning, simultaneously.

Form 2 is فعّل and it has causative meaning like – to go out – to make go out. But this quality isn’t constantly and the verb’s forn can mean surplus, like “to collect – to amass”. We can’t guess true meaning and those verns must be remembered

Form 3 – فاعل This form of a verb usually carries accusative character. It makes follow, “to work  to treat or to deal with”.

Form 4 —  افعل. This form can brought causative meaning, “to go out – to graduate”.

Form 5 تفعلm this form carries reflexive meaning, like “to graduade – to graduate”.

Form 6 – تفاعل this form carries reflexive meaning. “to treat – to desl with”.

Form 7 – انقل – this form gives an idea of reflexative or passive actions, like “to cut – to be cut off”.

Form 8 – افتعل . It brings an idea of reflexitive actions, like “to collect – to meet”.

Form 9 – افعلّ . It carries changing in surface, like “redness – to become red”.

Form 10 – this fprm carries considerative meaning. Its form is استغعل.

We see that every form of verb is famous but we can say that the forms have more literature character than usual using.

Arabic verb forms, which are shown above, can be considered as a part of the language for literature.

The next article will show part of verbal varieties in using for making nouns because this mechanism is interesting.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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