Urdu for you. Lesson 12

Recently, we completed the work with a, gh and other letters. Today, we are going to learning of the new letter’s series.

We work with dialog between men in this lesson. This dialog gives series of words and also, we say something about Urdu grammar.

There is an idea of genders in Urdu. It means that two grammatical genders in Urdu. Everyone English speaker could ask, “What is gender and why is it important? This question is rithoric and we will work with this ahead.

Man isn’t a woman and it is the main idea of the genders. It means that if we talk about male subjects, we must use their marks in speaking and vise versa. These grammatical moments touch endings and forms of a word. Also, this idea can be used for verbs because they have gender-marks of a subject.

The genders are very important in Urdu and they are used for definition of grammatical cathegory.

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